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Il est possible de jouer aux jeux Gameboy sur sa console Nintendo 64 grâce au GameBooster.
ICE64 v3.5.0 (Final) (Pokefan999)
ICE64 est un émulateur développé par Pokefan999.
Anciennement appelé 1964mod puis NICE64, ICE64 est un émulateur non officiel basé sur les sources de 1964 v1.1.

Voici la liste des améliorations :

- consolidate changes from v3.1 to v3.4 beta releases
- speed and memory optimization to offset better games stability
- implement new logic for fb previous count and status
- rewrite and refactor portion of ignore aux copy and useless is useless codes
- remove RE2 top and bottom black bar for gameplay cutscene transition (game is slightly "broken")
- remove RE2 hack from change size function
- fix RE2 glitch intro video for non-expansion pak
- fix Majora's Mask bomber notebook flickering (never handled when change size function was rewritten, thanks to ApplePeachBanana bug report)
- fix TGR2, Kirby64 and Pilot Wings64 frame flickering when switching window mode
- fix Perfect Dark night vision(broken in NICE64 v2.1.0, thanks to ApplePeachBanana bug report)
- fix Pokemon Stadium lab slowdown and merge into Pokemon Stadium 2 solution
- fix game crash when a mempak game is started after a flashram game if mempak used is not empty
- fix mempak and transfer pak handling codes for flashram
- minor fix on eeprom bug
- fix Body Harvest vehicle shadow regression
- fix V-Rally 99(U) width issue during intro cutscene and gameplay
- fix Photopie ucode conflict with Mystical Ninja, now 1st display image for Photopie will always appear
- fix Mario Tennis trophy missing the shiny gold color when Wario steals trophy from Mario after winning Mushroom Cup and intro fmv
- implement new speedup for games using "read every frame"
- add Bomberman64 for intro frame transition effect (fast enough for good sound - recommend E version)
- add Ridge Racers for missing monitor image and getting max VI/s for intro fmv
- add Body Harvest for missing frame transition image and good speed on intro menu and cutscene
- implement new address boundary calculation for cpu framebuffer protection
- GT64 no longer loses input control after doing multiple switch between fullscreen & windowed, especially after a MusyX game
- multiple switching between fullscreen & windowed in a game or between several games in an emu session no longer causes random hang, exception - don't try on Bottom of the 9th(which has framebuffer issue during switching)
- fix Getter Love flickering for the bathtub scene in player1 room
- fix GoldenEye Depot mission, changing Speedup to 2X as default (thanks to malfy)
- change Extreme-G settings to get rid of minor popping noise
- fix random game hang e.g. Zelda - OOT, when presss "START" button at Hyrule field - sram bug
- completely break HyperBike in v3.4(black screen)
- fix regression in v3.5
- update "Save Fix" for Derby Stallion and the end of day save is now working (from Nekokabu RDB)
- add "Subscreen Delay Fix" cheat for Animal Forest and Doubutsunomori (from Nekokabu RDB)

Site officiel :


(07/10/2012 - 2514 Ko)

   Identifiant :


   Mot de Passe :


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