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Le saviez-vous ?

A l’origine, Banjo-Kazooie devait être développé sur Super Nintendo et utiliser le même moteur graphique que Donkey Kong Country.
Shunyuan HLE Audio v1.8.2u1 (Shunyuan)
Plugin audio développé par Shunyuan.

Caractéristiques du plugin :

- Audio plugin spec #1.2 for pj64-2.0, spec #1.1 for other emulators
- XAudio2, DirectSound8 and No Sound driver support.
- Prebuffer stream audio
- HLE interface
- LLE interface
- Audio thread to update sound buffer
- Tested with project64 1.6, project64 2.0, project64 2.1, 1964 svn r146, 1964_ultrafast 3.0, and mupen64 5.1.
- Debug OSD
- Auto sync game to audio
- Dynamic plugin interface

Liste des améliorations :

* fixed sometimes mupen64 and 1964 failed to initialize XAudio2 driver.
* Lua script fixed World Driver Championship no audio

* Fixed Excitebike 64 sound crackling
(Counter Factor=1, Fixed Audio Timing=0, Sync using Audio=0)
* add new settings for Lua script

* fix synctax error of Lua script
* fix official pj64 1.6 can't use Lua script to tweak per game settings.
(no more need pj64 1.6 HleAudio fixed version)
* fix missing audio of Top Gear Rally

* Open Lua interface to tweak per game settings
(official pj64 1.6 doesn't support this feature because it won't call audio plugin 'RomOpen' function, use pj64 1.6 HleAudio fixed version instead)

* Fix audio slow down for A Bug's Life.
* Add DirectSound hardware acceleration option UI
(default is off, for Vista and Win7 you need ALchemy, 3D SoundBack or Xear3D EX to take advantage this feature)

* Fix Super Smash Bros sound delay for PJ64 2.x
* Fix Super Smash Bros sound crackles for PJ64 1.6

* Fix Paper Mario sound crackles
(Counter Factor=1, VI refresh rate=2200, AI count Per byte=500,Fixed Audio Timing=0, Sync using Audio=0)

* work around the Kirby64 SP DMA read error for project64

* add UI to select output device
(useful if you have multiple sound cards or install DSP plugin such as DFX audio enhancer)

* playback rate support 192 KHz
* playback bits support 24 bits (now support 16 ~ 24 bit playback)
* fix no audio of Top Gear Rally (USA)
(AI Count Per Byte=500, Fixed Audio Timing=1, Sync To Audio=0)

* fix no audio for Killer Instinct Gold (USA) 1.2

* support XAudio2 upmix for 5.1 sound card , need to enable at configuration dialog.
(if you don't have a 5.1 sound card like me, try SRS Audio SandBox)

* fix XAudio2 crash at pj64
* fix audio speed up issue reported by nintendo1889
* fix pj64 compatibility error reported by Goldlink11

* fix no audio after restore game state
* fix audio speed up of Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
* fix cannot change sound driver after end emulation
* fix compatibility issue of pj64 1.7.x

* dynamic interface for project64 2.x and other emulators, now HleAudio will provide interface 1.2 to pj64-2.0,
and provide interface 1.1 to other emulators.
* add XAudio2 driver support
* add No Sound driver support
* remove the redundant initialization and checking from HLE emulation

Auteur : Shunyuan

Site officiel :

Téléchargé : 1700 fois
(06/10/2013 - 274 Ko)

   Identifiant :


   Mot de Passe :


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