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Il existe des émulateurs Nintendo 64 pour smartphones et pour tablettes.
Azimer HLE Audio v0.70 WIP 4 (Azimer)
Plugin audio développé par Azimer.
Il s'agit de la dernière version de ce plugin video.

Liste des améliorations :

Version 0.70 WIP 4 :
- XAudio2
- New DirectSound code (again)
- Allows plugin to keep working if there's a failure to initialize.
- Fixed various sound issues in multiple games
- Stability changes

Version 0.60 WIP 2 :
- New audio code - tested in Project64 1.6
- New configuration though most things are disabled atm

Version 0.56 WIP 2 :
- Bug Fix release... nothing much new
- Finally received Project64 1.6
- Hydro Thunder and Tarzan work well by using Project64 1.6's
- Fixed those nasty SP_DMA_READ Errors
- Fixed hangups in all roms which worked before
- Eliminated some pops and crackles in games that shouldn't have them
- And no... configuration has not been changed (least of my worries)

Version 0.56 WIP 1 :
- Revamped Audio Code from v0.50.2
- HLE Code is untouched as of now
- Added some low level RSP code temporarily to assist in fixing HLE Audio
- Added a hidden console window for Audio status/debugging (disabled unless public finds it desirable)
- Fixed MANY stuttering issues and issues with MusyX games. Tarzan is still a problem because of timing.
- Added Old Audio Sync option... You will need to set it every time you start the emulator if you want to use it.

Auteur : Azimer

Site officiel :

(07/08/2014 - 62 Ko)

   Identifiant :


   Mot de Passe :


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