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Ronaldinho Soccer 64 est une version pirate de International Superstar Soccer 64 qui permet d’avoir les commentaires en portugais et les vrais noms des joueurs.
Angrylion RDP Plus r8 (Ata4)
Angrylion RDP Plus est un plugin video "Low Level Emulation" (LLE) basé sur les sources du plugin video Angrylion RDP.
Ce plugin uniquement compatible avec Project64 et Mupen64Plus vous permettra d'obtenir un rendu "Pixel Perfect" (le plus proche de la réalité).
Attention, il vous faudra un PC très puissant pour émuler vos roms à une vitesse convenable.

Liste des améliorations :

Version r8 :
- Improved unfiltered mode (#65)
- Added vsync and exclusive window options (Zilmar plugin only)
- Added multithreaded rendering compatibility modes, which allows you to choose between speed and compatibility
- Merged angrylion r111 and r112
- The window in unfiltered mode is now doubled in size for 320x240ish frames
- Fixed repeating random noise patterns when multithreaded rendering is enabled (#67)

Version r7 :
- The overscan area is now visible on default. It still can be hidden in the options when desired.
- Improved Linux performance significantly by replacing thread-local storage globals with a struct-based system.
- Screenshots are now captured in the same size as the output window.
- Added linear filtering option as an alternative to nearest-neighbor filtering, which was previously the default. Note: this option is unrelated to the 3D texture filtering, it just affects the 2D upscaling of the final render output.
- Fixed several issues with unfiltered output mode (#32, #51).
- Fixed incorrect screen offset when using fullscreen on multi-screen systems under Windows (#13).
- Fixed some multithreading stability issues (#44).
- Fixed Majora's Mask Bombers Notebook wobbling with filtered output mode (#27).

Version r6 :
- Fixed a crash in Perfect Dark and possibly other games when using unfiltered VI modes. (#19, #32)
- Fixed number of rendering workers not being updated correctly when changes are made while the game is running.

Version r5 :
- The original 640x480 window size is now preserved in the Zilmar plugin instead of adjusting it every time the resolution changes.
- The aspect ratio for unfiltered modes is now derived from filtered mode. (#23)
- The Zilmar plugin now stores options in a .ini file, which can also be edited by hand with a text editor.
- The overscan area is now cropped away, which removes some black borders, especially in PAL games. Full overscan output can be re-activated in the options.
- Made multithreaded rendering a separate option instead of having to set the number of workers to 1.
- Merged angrylion r110.

Version r4 :
- Added plugin support for mupen64plus (only code right now, builds will follow later).
- Added support for anamorphic widescreen (#13).
- Doubled the window resolution to 640x480 in unfiltered modes (#3).
- The main emulation thread no longer participates in multithreaded rendering, which can improve performance in some situations.
- Changed settings are now saved between runs (#4).
- Fixed a performance regression in the VI filter (#9).
- Fixed garbage when opening the Bomber's Notebook in Majora's Mask and possibly in other games as well when the filter is active (#3).
- Merged angrylion r108 and r109.

Version r3 :
- Fixed a crash caused by the VI changes in the previous release.
- Fixed PAL aspect ratio by changing the output resolution from 640x480 to 768x576.
- Screenshots are now interpolated directly instead of embedding aspect ratio correction.

Version r2 :
- Added temporary aliasing fix for for games that have a vertical resolution beyond 480 pixels.
- Output window now remembers its previous position and has the correct offset for the status bar.
- Small performance boost by adjusting some compiler parameters.

Version r1 :
- Initial release, mostly stable but still somewhat unfinished.

Auteur : Ata4

Site officiel :

Téléchargé : 487 fois
(25/08/2019 - 470 Ko)

   Identifiant :


   Mot de Passe :


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