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Le saviez-vous ?

Les développeurs de Clay Fighter ont décidé d’appeler leur jeu Clay Fighter 63 1/3 sur Nintendo 64 pour parodier le nom des jeux N64 qui se terminaient souvent par "64".
RetroArch v1.9.9
RetroArch est un émulateur multi-systèmes fonctionnant avec des Cores (émulateurs convertis en bibliothèques partagées).
RetroArch émule une multitude de systèmes dont la Nintendo 64.

Liste des dernières améliorations :

v1.9.9 :
- 3DS: Add bottom touchscreen menu
- 3DS/SAVESTATES: Save and load save states to and from RAM
- AUDIO/MIXER: Ensure than menu sounds are re-enabled when calling CMD_EVENT_AUDIO_REINIT
- AUDIO/RESAMPLER/MIXER: Fix menu sounds (audio mixing) when using the ‘sinc’ resampler with quality lower than ‘normal’
- AUDIO/CONVERSION/ARM NEON: Add intrinsic NEON versions for float_to_s16/s16_to_float – should lead to optimized codepaths for AArch64/ARMv7 architectures without being dependent on ASM codepaths.
- AUDIO/RESAMPLER/ARM NEON: Add intrinsic NEON version for lanczos sinc function – should lead to optimized codepaths for AArch64/ARMv7 architectures without being dependent on ASM codepaths.
- CHEEVOS: Upgrade to rcheevos 10.2
- CHEATS: Add enhanced search functionality to the ‘Cheats’ menu
- CHEATS/RUNAHEAD: Fix cheats when using second instance runahead
- CONFIG: Add option to (force-)write current core options to disk (Quick Menu)
- CORE INFO CACHE: Remove core path from core info cache. Should make core info caches portable now (for example: you can move RetroArch to a separate dir and they would still work).
- D3D11: Use Shader Model 5.0 for frontend shaders if D3D11 Feature level is at least 11.0 or higher. Should fix some new shaders that require SM 5.0 (like AMD FSR)
- D3D11: Add HDR support (not working for Xbox for now)
- D3D12: Add HDR support (not working for Xbox for now)
- EMSCRIPTEN: Fixed web player bug with filesystem and runtime
- INPUT/OVERLAY: Fix overlay input when analog to digital mapping is enabled
- INPUT/WINRAW: Fix crash when overlay is enabled
- MAC/METAL: Add Discord RPC support
- MENU: Allow ‘Custom Aspect Ratio (X Position)/(Y Position)/(Width)/(Height)’ to be entered manually via keyboard
- MENU: Allow ‘Vertical Refresh Rate’ to be entered manually via keyboard
- MENU/SHADERS: Highlight currently selected value in Shader Parameter drop-down lists
- STABILITY: Safer way of avoiding the race condition in audio_driver_sample/audio_driver_sample_batch – we can check audio-suspended to see if we’re doing a fs/windowed toggle – enhances stability when fullscreen toggling/tearing down context
- STABILITY: When audio driver write callback function fails, don’t turn audio off completely – look if audio_driver_output_samples_conv_buf is non-NULL first before we attempt to write audio – enhances stability when fullscreen toggling/tearing down context
- STABILITY: Input robustness for cores that use internal threading (full teardown/setup), no audio should be processed at this point in time
- VIDEO: Screen resolution list sanitizing
- VULKAN: Fix some Vulkan validation layer errors
- UWP: Updated icons courtesy of Danp142
- UWP/XBOX: Disable CPU model check on Xbox as it doesn’t work and can even crash
- UWP/VFS/XBOX: Code cleanup and simplification of UWP VFS driver

Site officiel :


(05/09/2021 - 160 Mo)

   Identifiant :


   Mot de Passe :


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