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Super Mario 64 a bénéficié d’un remake sur Nintendo DS en 2004 sous le nom de Super Mario 64 DS.
Mupen64 v0.5.1
Voici la dernière version officielle de l'émulateur Mupen64.

Liste des améliorations :

- detection of invalid code cache for ambiguous region now use adler32
- fixed a bug in ini file compression
- added support for framebuffer effects functions
- detection of VI interupt rate works on weird country codes
- better detection of self modifying code in dma
- warnings fixed on new gcc versions
- rsp's dmem and imem are now contiguous in PC's memory
- slightly improved audio timing
- better detection of self modifying code when accessing memory through TLB
- fixed a bug in RSP memory write
- reading from ai_current_delay register should work even when Count register is looping
- in interpreter code : fixed a bug in jump opcodes
- the event scheduler has better support for Count register loops
- better AI interrupt handling (for musyx games for example)
- jump opcodes changed in pure interpreter core so that they are timed exactly like on the other cores
- fixed a bug when accessing memory through invalid TLB in LDL, LDR, LWL, LWR, SWL, SDL, SDR, SWR opcodes
- added LL, SC opcodes
- two consecutive jump opcodes doesn't crash in the dynarec
- basic implementation of fpu opcodes in dynarec
- division by 0 in FPU opcodes is returning NaN
- all jump opcodes implemented in the dynarec
- faster inside function loop with dynarec (register cache)
- various bug fixes in dynarec opcodes
- memory access improvements in dynarec
- autoincrement save slot option when quick saving
- stabilty improvements on the GUI (when closing a rom for example)
- added support for readScreen function to support avi recording feature on plugins that don't use opengl or directx
- Sound plugin : thread synchronisation improvements


(27/08/2005 - 2076 Ko)

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